Duct Bank Analysis

The purpose of duct bank analysis is to calculate insulated power cable ampacity ratings and cable temperatures utilized in underground cable systems. The underground cable system can be in a concrete encased duct bank, directly buried conduits, directly buried cables, or a mixture of the same or different types. The calculations are performed in accordance with the Neher-McGrath calculation procedures. AmpCalc for Windows Version 4 also includes some other calculations useful for cable applications including duct fill and jam, conductor impedances, voltage drop and circuit power flow calculations. Unlike the NEC, AmpCalc allows the full temperature ampacity of every cable for underground systems to be calculated, not just the hottest. It also allows custom designed configurations unlike the NEC. Load factors for each set of feeders can be applied for a real world analysis. This software is very useful in heavy industrial applications with multiple large duct bank installations. You have the tools to model multiple duct banks simultaneously and space the conduits as you wish.