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The Brown Electric Construction Company is a well-respected, progressive organization committed to providing the best possible products and service. An exemplary relationship with owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors has helped our business grow tremendously over the years. Brown Electric Company takes great pride in its long-standing reputation and proven ability to complete projects on time and within budget.

Brown Electric History

The Brown Electric Construction Company tradition began in 1918 when Arthur W. Brown, grandfather of the current president, began working as an electrician for Schmitt Electric at 7th and Maine Streets in Quincy, Illinois. In 1928, George Brown, Arthur’s son, entered the electrical trade. The following year, Arthur and Albert Dickhut purchased the business from Frank Schmitt and continued operations as Schmitt Electric, moving the business to 830 Maine. In 1943, Brown and Dickhut dissolved their partnership. Two years later George Brown joined his father in partnership as A.W. Brown and Son.

From 1945 until Arthur’s retirement in 1951, father and son operated the company from 2425 Cedar Street in Quincy. George continued building the business at 427 South 10th Street, welcoming his son Donald into the trade in 1953. A growing demand for service and reputation for quality work enabled the company to move in 1962 to the current office location, 1039 Hampshire Street. George and Donald, second and third generation electricians and contractors, incorporated in 1968 as Brown Electric Construction Company. George Brown retired in 1977 and Donald became president and owner.

Lonnie R. Nuttelman, B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering, University of Nebraska, joined the company in 1977. Nuttelman’s field engineering training with electrical service equipment and experience in assisting customers with layout and cost estimates added a new level of professional capabilities to the company. Lon became part owner and Secretary-Treasurer of Brown Electric Construction Company in 1988 and sole owner in 2000.

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